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Fertilization Through Egg Donation

This process consists of healthy and fertile eggs provided by a donor, which are used to achieve pregnancy for individuals or couples facing fertility challenges. This method offers hope and a chance at parenthood for those who may have difficulty conceiving without the support of assisted reproduction treatments.

What does the treatment consist of?

From a technical perspective, egg donation treatment closely mirrors the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Embryos are cultivated in the laboratory for several days before being implanted into the recipient's uterus to initiate a pregnancy.
Our team consists of highly experienced professionals in the field of assisted reproduction and infertility; This expertise allows us to discern situations in which egg donation becomes the sole viable path to achieving pregnancy.
Women eligible for our egg donation program are chosen through a comprehensive and thorough process, involving extensive medical and genetic screenings, along with psychological assessments.
If the male partner's semen is unsuitable for insemination, the couple has the option of selecting dual donation, where the sperm used for the fertilization process is also obtained from an external donor.

The Stages of the Process

Selecting the Donor

Our assisted reproduction program exclusively utilizes freshly donated healthy eggs, from altruistic young women who donate their eggs with the intention of helping other individuals to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Our team also helps asses the chosen donor by undergoing comprehensive medical and genetic assessments to ensure their suitability and compatibility.

Preparing the Sperm Sample

This step allows the properties of the sperm to be optimized and the ability to fertilize eggs to be improved. If the use of donor sperm is recommended, a frozen sample is taken from our bio-bank, and defrosted before use.

Fertilization and Embryo Culture

After the eggs and sperm are brought together, the resulting fertilized eggs (embryos) need a safe and controlled environment to grow. This environment is called an “embryo culture,” and we keep monitoring them closely to assess their viable development and their best chance of resulting in a successful pregnancy.

Preparing the Recipient's Endometrium

Endometrial preparation is focused on establishing an optimal environment within the uterus for gestation. This involves the administration of both estrogen and progesterone, which support the proper development of the endometrium, the portion of the uterus that will host the embryo and, subsequently, the pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer

This is the transfer to the uterus of one or more embryos obtained by IVF. It is a completely painless and extremely precise procedure, during which the medical team introduce the embryo into the uterus. Following the treatment, the patient can return to her normal everyday life activities.

Pregnancy Test

Approximately 10-14 days later, a pregnancy test is conducted using a blood sample to measure the level of β-hCG; the hormone produced by the embryo after implantation in the endometrium. If the test yields a positive result, an initial ultrasound examination is scheduled a few weeks later to detect the embryo’s heartbeat.
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Our Contracts

Our contracts are designed to give patients complete transparency, while including a fully comprehensive and clear service.


At FertilyMed, our goal is to provide prospective families with the highest level of comfort, with a constant emphasis on the well-being of both the baby and the mother, while delivering a fully personalized journey.


Please see below all our summarized treatment plans:

All-inclusive Package

1 complete IVF protocol with donated eggs:

$14, 900 USD

*Subject to terms and conditions.*

Guaranteed Gold Package

3 complete IVF protocols with donated eggs including:

$39, 900 USD

*Subject to terms and conditions.*

**70% refund guaranteed in case of a negative test after attempts, terms and conditions apply**

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