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Cancun offers a serene, calm and stress-free environment for our patients to undergo treatment. And, our clinic, offers the most advanced technology, infrastructure, safety and quality with which we guarantee the best experience, and world-class medical care in a beautiful destination.


Our diverse team of specialists has come together to share their knowledge and experience while working with patients around the world. We are committed to offering personalized treatments that are tailored to the unique needs of each patient.


The most commonly-used technique in assisted reproduction. The procedure happens in a laboratory and consists of combining an egg and a sperm, in order to obtain fertilised embryos which are then transferred into the mother’s uterus, where they continue to develop naturally.

Tratamientos de fertilidad FIV
Tratamiento de fertilidad donación de óvulos


This assisted reproduction method consists of in vitro fertilisation of eggs from a donor. This technique is generally used when the couple’s likelihood of pregnancy with their own eggs is very low or non-existent.


For all couples who decide to embark on one of our assisted reproduction programs, we offer a series of complementary treatments and services designed to make the journey to parenthood even more comfortable, safe and calm.

Tratamientos de fertilidad FIV