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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF or ICSI)

The most commonly-used technique in assisted reproduction. The procedure happens in a laboratory and consists of combining an egg and a sperm, in order to obtain fertilized embryos which are then transferred into the uterus, where they continue to natural development.

The Stages of the Process

Estimulacion ovarica

Ovarian Stimulation

This consists of the subcutaneous administration of gonadotropins; hormones present in the woman’s body which stimulate the growth of follicles. This phase lasts approximately two weeks and aims to facilitate the maturation of numerous ovarian follicles, allowing a sufficient number of eggs to be retrieved.

Monitoring Follicular Development

During ovarian stimulation treatment, the patient should undergo rutin examinations so the medical team can monitor and control the body’s response to the therapy, adjust the dosage of drugs where necessary and determine the best moment to retrieve eggs.

Monitoreo del desarrollo folicular
Recuperacion de ovulos

Egg Retrieval

A minimally invasive surgical procedure performed by our medical team that is carried out in the operating room. It involves a gently aspiration of follicles to recollect the matured eggs. Following the retrieval, the patient undergoes several hours of observation to ensure her well-being before being discharged.

Preparing the Sperm Sample

This step allows the properties of the sperm to be optimized, and its ability to fertilize eggs improved. If the use of donor sperm is recommended, a frozen sample is taken from our bio-bank, and defrosted before use.

Preparacion de la muestra seminal
Fecundacion y cultivo embrionario

Fertilization and Embryo Culture

After the eggs and sperm are brought together, the resulting fertilized eggs (embryos) need a safe and controlled environment to grow. This environment is called an “embryo culture.” We keep monitoring them closely to assess their viable development and their best chance of resulting in a successful pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer

This is the transfer to the uterus of one or more embryos obtained by IVF. It is a completely painless and extremely precise procedure, during which the medical team introduce the embryo into the uterus. Following the treatment, the patient can return to her normal everyday life activities.

Transferencia embrionaria
Prueba de embarazo con ultrasonido

Pregnancy Test

Approximately 10-14 days later, a pregnancy test is conducted using a blood sample to measure the level of β-hCG, the hormone produced by the embryo after implantation in the endometrium. If the test yields a positive result, an initial ultrasound examination is scheduled a few weeks later to detect the embryo’s heartbeat.

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Please see below all our summarized treatment plans:

Complete IVF Package (1 cycle)

1 complete IVF protocol with own eggs including:
$11,900 USD

*Subject to terms and conditions.*

Complete IVF Package (3 cycles)

3 complete IVF protocols with own eggs including:

$29,900 USD

*Subject to terms and conditions.*
**50% refund guaranteed in case of a negative test after attempts, terms and conditions apply**

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