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To guarantee couples a high success rate in their treatments and to maintain our excellent professional standards, FertilyLife relies on Ovogene, the world’s first egg donor bank guided by artificial intelligence.

Drawing on the most advanced technologies, the egg bank can guarantee future parents the best possible results and a more certain journey to parenthood and the realisation of their dream. Artificial intelligence helps the professionals at FertilyLife to match couples and donors with a high degree of precision and reliability; the selection takes into account the physical characteristics of both parties and can rely on a wide selection of high-quality eggs available.

To date, Ovogene is the only donor egg bank in the world offering a unique service known as the genetically certified Oocyte® technology.

Why put your trust in FertilyLife as the fastest route to realising your dream?

  • It uses an AI system to match donors and recipients;
  • It uses genetically certified Oocyte® technology;
  • It allows comprehensive genetic testing;
  • It allows embryos to be created;
  • It uses artificial intelligence to match oocytes morphologically.

How are eggs selected and matched?

For a successful egg storage program, the morphology of the eggs and the effectiveness of the donor are crucial factors.

The advanced technologies used by the egg donor bank mean we can obtain accurate information not only about the morphology and characteristics of the oocytes from each donor, but also about the donor’s success rate in previous fertilisation cycles.

The egg donor bank uses artificial intelligence to make a morphological selection of the donor’s oocytes. Our embryologists select the oocytes on the basis of quality and morphological calculation, to establish the compatibility of the donor.

100% guaranteed quality

To guarantee the excellence of its clinical standards, Ovogene complies with the guidelines of the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction), the ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) and the CAP (College of American Pathologists).

Our quality certification program is based on three key points, with which all doctors and professionals who work with us are obliged to comply in order to guarantee couples coming to FertilyLife a high success rate.

Constant monitoring

Our laboratory team monitors every aspect of the donation program, and shares information with other members of the FertilyLife team of doctors and professionals.

Advanced techniques for embryo development

Ovogene can guarantee high-quality blastocysts and excellent cell division during the culture of embryos.

Genetically certified oocytes

To analyse the genetic integrity of an oocyte, we use an exclusive, genetically certified technique. Ovogene is proud to be the first in the world to offer this tool to future parents.

How are the donor's eggs classified for storage?

The morphological classification of eggs is crucial in determining the best survival rates in blastocysts. Rigorous morphological criteria are followed to select the oocytes, in order to ensure optimum results for the donated eggs. The experts at Ovogene have established a rigorous system of classification, in three phases:

PHASE 1: Having analysed the oocyte through time-lapse video, we enlarge the image and take all the specific measurements required.

PHASE 2: We use the Spindle View Imaging System to calculate the perivitelline space and cytoplasmic granulation.

PHASE 3: We determine the maturation and position of the meiotic spindle and save time-lapse images of its position.